Ground, Drone, Aerial Photography

Ground, Drone, Aerial Photography

Ground, Drone, Aerial Photography

For Construction, Commercial Real Estate, Architecture, Special Event Photography

Now You Can Trust Your Photographer

Photography is about creating images, while the business of photography involves getting it done correctly, no matter what it takes. SkySite Images is North Carolina’s most trusted provider for aerial, drone and commercial photography and video services. Our architectural, lifestyle, and event photography services allow our clients to market their properties and designs throughout the world. We document construction projects in unique ways that help general contractors and banks closely monitor construction progress. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to tell your story through our photos and videos.


“We wouldn’t want anyone else. You do a GREAT job.”

Randy Roberson, Highwoods Properties

You need a photographer that can visualize the image, “to see” what they are shooting before taking the shot. You can read a several thousand word report on what progress has been made or you can view images of your construction site, of your architectural drawings in real life, or your commercial real estate holdings with a full parking lot. Seeing is believing and SkySite provides that proof.


“You are incredible! The image is perfect. If everyone we dealt with was like you, my job would be a dream!”

Joanna Kallias, Scott Thomas Construction

You need a photographer who can produce images that have a measurable impact on your business. Successful photography is based on knowing in advance what a client wants the photos to do and then using creative methods to deliver results.

Our services are turnkey. There is no wondering about what kind of images you will get of your commercial real estate building or construction project. We have the expertise to deliver high-end photographic images so that you can market effectively.


“I must say, the quality, responsiveness, and overall integrity behind this project has been quite impressive…Great job! I will definitely be in touch in the future!”

Austin J. Rosen, Senior Real Estate Analyst

Anyone can take a snapshot and get lucky that they got a good image, but it takes professional photography talent to craft images that will resonate with your audience and deliver the ROI you need for your company’s success.

Featured Projects

Only SkySite offers ground, drone, and aerial photos, interior and exterior photos, drone and ground based video. See our latest projects and get inspiration for your business.

Video and Photography Services

“Charlie has helped our team showcase countless properties with his aerial and on-site photography skills. Time and time again potential and current clients are wowed by his product. He’s a pleasure to work with and is always able to provide a painless process for our team. From quick-turnaround jobs, to multiple, complicated shoots, we always know Charlie will get the job done well and in an efficient manner.”

Phil Brosseau, CBRE Southeastern Multifamily Group Carolinas Division

Aerial & Drone Photography  

SkySite Images has been North Carolina’s aerial photography specialist for nearly 20 years. There’s no limit to what we can photograph or how far we can fly. We incorporate video taken from the ground and with drones to produce the most effective and cost efficient marketing pieces you can get. Our experience and creativity is the SkySite advantage.

Drone Photography and Video  

As important as still photos are for your marketing materials, videos can be essential to keep up with your competition. A video doesn’t have to break your budget or be as long as a documentary to be effective and profitable for you. We are able to produce short videos packed with information and interesting visual elements that show people you are committed to selling and leasing. There is no better way to convince investors to become partners than with a video produced by SkySite Images.

Ground Photography

“It is difficult to take one photo and tell the entire property’s story. You did it. Thank you. This image is perfect for the ad.”

Lisa Fosbury, RE/MAX

In addition to aerial photography, SkySite Images can capture your project from the ground. We have more than 20 years experience in serving the commercial real estate, construction, and architecture industries.Utilize our expertise and resources to capture the best digital imagery for your business.

Markets We Serve

Special Events

When marketing your event, the right images make all the difference. The images set the expectation of the experience for clients, they show the value you offer, and they allow you to simplify your communication.

Architectural & Commercial Photography

Seeing your property from the air tells just part of the story. SkySite’s interior and exterior photographs are used successfully by brokers across the country to sell and lease commercial listings. Show people you care about your property by having SkySite as your photography partner. Have us shoot photos and video of your office buildings, apartment properties, hotels, and retail centers in the air AND on the ground.

Project Documentation

Only SkySite offers aerial photos, drone video, interior and exterior photos, and video taken from the ground. Our Project Documentation Service covers every angle of your construction, remodel, or artistic project. We are there every step of the way, every day if necessary, creating what amounts to a visual time capsule.

About SkySite Images

Founded by Charlie Sarratt almost 20 years ago, SkySite is unique among aerial photography companies because of the passion and experience we deliver with every photo mission. We never accept “good enough” and we always deliver what we say we are going to do. If a situation changes (the weather often forces us to modify plans), we keep our clients updated and informed.

We are genuinely client-focused, we understand the importance of truly customized services. For these reasons there is no price sheet, you don’t have to choose from template photo packages. We take your needs and ideas and make a photo mission uniquely yours. Whether the photos are part of a critical business presentation or a gift, you can be confident that SkySite will take care of everything and provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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