SkySite Images is a leading provider of aerial and commercial photography, employing a wide range of photographic styles and techniques to suit each client’s specific needs. We capture aerial photos from airplanes, helicopters, and drones. Our ground-based architectural, lifestyle, and commercial photography have become a mainstay for marketing materials of national commercial real estate firms. SkySite photographs construction projects in ways that help general contractors and banks monitor job sites which keeps things on schedule. Our photos also help them save money.

We combine photos taken from the air and on the ground to produce a series of images designed to show what’s there, but also to tell your story. We document the present thoroughly so the photos become valuable records in the future. Anyone can “take a picture.” SkySite’s photography and video services provide information, document events, archive historical moments, and even convey emotion through imagery.

Clients continue to see the difference SkySite makes in their business. We are client-focused, we understand the importance of truly customized services. There is no price sheet, clients don’t have to choose a “photo package.” We take your needs into account and make the photo mission yours. We will find a way to capture photos that do what you need them to do. Whether the photo is to be a gift or part of a critical business presentation, you can be confident that SkySite will take care of it and provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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    Aerial & Drone

    SkySite Images has been North Carolina’s aerial photography specialist for over fifteen years. It’s not enough to have someone take a camera in the air and come back with some photos, hoping they got what you need. We go about aerial photography methodically, we plan your photo mission with great detail. We take measures to ensure the highest quality imagery possible by factoring in the sun angle, the haze, the time of day, the altitude at which we need to fly for you. Once over your site, we remain there until we’ve collected a comprehensive set of images that suit your specific needs. It is never about us keeping expenses down but rather ensuring you receive effective, productive aerial photos every time you need them.

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    Architectural & Commercial

    Aerial and architectural photography are a perfect pair, critical components of marketing commercial property. It is important for your prospective buyer or tenant to see the property and the area around it from more than just one perspective. SkySite’s interior and exterior photographs are used successfully across the country to sell and lease commercial listings. We seek out the interesting angles and use light to our advantage. In addition to the views you’d expect to see we include a few unexpected, creative photos that show people you care about your property. You made the effort to make it look great by having SkySite as your photography partner. We photograph office buildings, apartment properties, hotels, and retail centers on the ground throughout North Carolina.

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    Featured Projects

    With SkySite’s newest service, photographs become a powerful tool to preserve the significance of places and structures and create memories for future generations. With great detail we document the evolution of a construction project or the demolition and rebuilding of an historic site. We create what amounts to a visual time capsule ensuring the no one forgets and that people who never knew what was there can visit what you used to have or what you built. Only SkySite is combining aerial photos from planes and drones, aerial video, interior and exterior photos taken from the ground, and video taken from the ground to produce what we call Project Documentation.

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    Personal Collection

    What we consider an artistic image is one that makes people pause and think. To consider its meaning, maybe to wonder if there is symbolism or perhaps if it’s just what it appears to be. Charlie Sarratt, SkySite’s founder, realized long ago that he didn’t want to simply photograph what is right in front of him. Instead, he looks for interesting images and unique perspectives within ordinary scenes. Photography is subjective, the eye of the beholder decides if an image is impactful or not. We don’t all connect to the same photo. But it’s rewarding for the photographer and the viewer to share the experience of enjoying the view.

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