Complete Documentation of your Projects

Historic landmarks are torn down, replaced by modern buildings. Small neighborhood schools which stood for half a century or more are demolished to make way for new schools. Large tracts of land are turned into parks that will serve and entertain a city for generations. These are the sorts of projects that SkySite specializes in documenting. Everyone involved benefits from the way we go about capturing imagery: city leaders, general contractors, sub contractors, donors, lenders, media outlets, local magazines and trade journals. The public gets to watch something take shape, they participate in the change which connects them to the projects. Even the construction workers who get to know us appreciate the photos. They take great pride in what they do and it’s our pleasure to share with them photos and videos of their efforts.

SkySite Images partnered with the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh to photograph the construction of the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. Using multiple photographic techniques – including time lapse as shown above – we document landmark projects like this in a way that goes far beyond just providing photos.

We fully document a project, allowing people to follow it and watch it unfold. From wide aerial views to close-ups of architectural detail only inches from the camera lens, we’ll deliver comprehensive imagery of every element of demolition, construction, or renovation.

SkySite has provided such services for the NC Legislative Building and other significant commercial and retail properties throughout NC. Trust your projects to a company that has experience and the creative skills to document it right!

There are no surprises, no unexpected fees, and no reason to worry about not getting the photos you need.