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There are some events that deserve to be carefully, expertly, and comprehensively photographed in order to properly and forever archive the moments. SkySite Images can be trusted to do just that. Some of the world’s largest and most respected companies have handed this task to SkySite.

HondaJetSkySite was approached by HondaJet as they planned the “First Flight” of this historic aircraft. A team of eight SkySite photographers and videographers was assembled to capture every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime event. No one outside of HondaJet had ever seen the new aircraft, though rumors of what it looked like had circulated for years. Charlie Sarratt, SkySite’s founder and head photographer, was the very first to get a good look at the impressive machine. From taxi tests to its first take-off, we provided HondaJet with photos they would use for years to come.

When Florida State hosted Clemson for the first time on ESPN’s Thursday Night Football, SkySite was overhead to shoot the action including some great views of the opening ceremony and fireworks.

Human_clock_600Charlotte Motor Speedway has hired SkySite to photograph the Coca-Cola 600 and other events. It’s a thrill to feel the rumble of these powerful engines while 1,000 feet overhead!

Of course not all special events are on a national scale. We are hired to photograph smaller, local events such as carnivals, boat races, outdoor rallies, and even weddings – yes, from the air! And then there was Athens Drive High School’s “Worlds Largest Human Musical Clock.” That’s one we’ll never forget. We actually made hundreds of high school students do what we asked!