SkySite Images has helped companies of all sizes with effective aerial photography and videos. Our images are proven to help sell property and lease space. We shoot aerial photos and video for a wide variety of uses in addition to marketing of commercial and residential properties. We have nearly two decades of experience documenting construction sites, shooting imagery critical for trial lawyers, showing inventory of industrial storage yards, inspecting utilities and engineering projects, and delighting home owners with beauty shots of houses and farm land. There is no limit to what we can photograph for you!

Our photographers take the time needed to capture photos that YOU need. We are never concerned with what that extra time over a site costs us, we do anything possible to provide aerial photos that you can’t get anywhere else. A flight at a lower altitude with a zoom lens will show a building’s detail and allow you to count the cars in the parking lot during peak business hours. Higher altitude photographs show the relationship between your property and the surrounding area including retail corridors, restaurants, residential areas, roads, highway interchanges, schools, hospitals and airports. Providing you with various types of images allows you to be creative with them, to convey information you want people to have. Our understanding of client’s business needs translates into great aerial photos. Contact Us to discuss how we can work together to create fantastic photos!

How We Plan a Photo Flight

Before each flight we create a plan to capture the best aerials possible, customized for what you need. We take the weather, time of day, and the sun’s position into account. Great aerials don’t come about by accident. They are a product of meticulous attention to detail from when you give us the go-ahead to when we deliver the photos to you. We operate multiple airplanes and drones so we are always on the move, ready to fly for you at a moment’s notice! Contact Us to discuss options or use our Site Locator to show us what you want to be photograped and we’ll get in touch with you right away!


This is an example of a “vertical” aerial. It is taken from directly above the site at a 90 degree angle. These views are great to see the layout of a site, plan an event on your property, or count cars or inventory.


This is an example of an “oblique” aerial. It is taken from an angle, not directly above the site. This allows you to see the sides of buildings and up to the horizon. We shoot more oblique views than we do verticals.

Click here to see what a set of aerials of a retail center can look like incorporating both types of views.

There are never extra, hidden, or rush fees with SkySite Images. All photo missions are priced as an all-inclusive flat rate up front. There are no “work hours” when it comes to photography because the opportunity for the perfect shot can come at any time. We do whatever it takes to provide the best images possible. You’ll feel confident when you work with Charlie Sarratt and SkySite Images. Let us become a partner on your next photography or video project.