Have SkySite provide a full documentation of your site with a combination of vertical and oblique views, ground-based photos of the exterior and interior, video from the ground, and photos and video from a drone.

Click here to see a sample “Site Selection” package which includes views looking north, south, east and west, as well as a close-up and a vertical (overhead) view.

Comparison views of Charlotte Motor Speedway (low altitude)

  • Oblique ViewOblique Photography is taken from the side of the aircraft at an angle to the subject rather than from directly overhead. SkySite has specialized in oblique aerial photography for many years. We know what questions to ask you in order to be sure we capture images that show exactly what you want to see.
  • Vertical viewVertical Photography is taken from directly above the subject, looking straight down. SkySite is one of the few aerial photography companies in North Carolina that provides “true vertical photography” in both 35mm digital and 9”x9” film formats. Our camera is mounted to the floor of the aircraft and the images are captured through a camera port at a 90 degree angle to the ground.

Let SkySite help tell your story! We can add customized computer graphics such as boundary lines, street names, highway symbols, and retail logos to any image. We can produce prints for you or we can save your images to CD so that you can e-mail them, put them on a web site, and make your own prints right in your office or at home.

Get the complete picture of your site with a combination of vertical and oblique views!

Please call 919.841.4916 or e-mail Info@SkySiteImages.com for a custom quote.